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Crestview Equine Equipment LLC is a family owned and operated trailer, trailer parts, and repair business located in Crestview Florida. The owners Fain and Evelyn Yearty have over forty years experience in the horse industry. Heather and myself don't have quite that many years but we have grown up around trailers and horses. I actually was raised on a dairy farm and ended up in Northwest Florida as the plant manager and engineer of a trailer manufacture that had operations here in the area. Erran has gone on to much bigger dreams in the big city of Atlanta but still helps out with any of our computer issues. We use the products we sell every day and so we are familiar with how they work and sometimes are even involved with improving them.

  We have a strong commitment to customer service with every aspect of our business and want Crestview Equine.com as a division of Crestview Equine Equipment LLC to be no different. We treat every customer the same whether they buy a large living quarters trailer from us or a small two horse bumper pull, and yes even a Popup Gooseneck hitch. We work hard for our pay check the same as you do and know that what you want when you spend that money, is to find value in your purchase. We hope you will pass the word on to your friends and neighbors no matter where you are that we take care of business in a professional and polite manner and we are always open for criticism, as you can not improve something unless you the customer let us know how you feel.

  We hope every one that visits Crestview Equine.com has a comfortable expierience and finds the value in our products. Every one should know that we have a secure site and we will be here to assist with any product problems, be that shipping, help with the install process, and even if there are any warranty issues.

  Hey and just so ya'll know...stop by Crestview Equine Equipment LLC if you are ever passing through the Florida panhandle and we will have a cup of coffee or a glass of sweet tea, and as always, Thank You for shopping with us!!


Tony Happel

Manager: Crestview Equine Equipment LLC

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