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Gator Tough Ranch Stuff

Welcome to the Gator Tough Ranch Stuff page

We have a lot of different products available from Gator Tough Ranch Stuff so if you don't see what you are looking for drop me an email and I will get you pictures and a price. If you are in need of hay feeders, saddle racks, stalls and round pens we have them. We accept credit cards and will set up shipping with R&L or UPS Freight for you. So please email or call if you don't see what you are looking for. We appreciate your business!!

Gator Tough Products

Gator Tough 18qt Flat Back Bucket (SKU: BK18QT)
Gator Tough Plastic Economy Corner Feeder (SKU: ECGR5)
Gator Tough English Bridle Hook (SKU: EESB)
Gator Tough Stall Water Bucket Holder (SKU: EBH10)
Economy Gator Tough Saddle Rack w/ adjustable mount (SKU: ESR50)
Economy Gator Tough 3 Stack Saddle Rack (SKU: ESR3)
Silver Series Gator Tough 8' bunk feeder (SKU: SBUN008)
Deluxe Gator Tough Corner Stall Feeder (SKU: DSTC105)
Silver Series Gator Tough 4 stack saddle rack (SKU: SSR4)
Deluxe Gator Tough Horse Stall Feeder (SKU: DST105)
Silver Series Gator Tough 6 Saddle 6 Blanket Rack (SKU: SSR6B6)
Silver Series Gator Tough 8' Round Bale Feeder (SKU: SSRBF8)
39" Quick Attach Round Bale Hay Spear (SKU: E392Q)
Silver Series Gator Tough Large Feed Bin (SKU: SFB300)
48" Quick Attach Round Bale Hay Spear (SKU: E482Q)
Silver Series Gator Tough 5' Pasture Horse Feeder (SKU: SPAS105)

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Best hay feeder,saddle rack, horse equipment values today. Hay feeders, saddle racks, and ranch equipment are manufactured with pride and quality, at excellent prices.

Built Gator Tough

At Gator Tough Ranch Stuff we build all horse equipment and ranch equipment with good old fashion pride!


 An example of this would be the hay feeder we build is not just another horse feeder. If the hay feeder you purchase for your horses or livestock can injure them or it falls apart in a short time then the money you spent is lost on vet bills or the simple fact that you will need to drive into town a buy another hay feeder. Our horse feeder, pasture feeder, hay feeder, and livestock feeder are built with quality components and designed with your animals’ welfare in mind. You will not find any sharp edges on our pasture feeder, livestock feeder or horse feeder. All corners and edges are cut, ground, or sanded before paint. We use a lot of plastic sheet instead of metal sheet, this adds longevity and esthetics to our hay feeder s. All of our horse equipment and ranch equipment are either galvanized or powder coated paint. One of our quality component suppliers is Columbia Powder Coatings Inc and another is Allied Tube thru US Wholesale Pipe. Our pasture feeder and the livestock feeder are designed to take as much abuse as any of your animals can dish out with out tipping over or getting damaged if they do manage to tip them over. All of our horse equipment and ranch equipment are Built Gator Tough!


We do not skimp on our saddle racks either. The saddle rack is an item that you never want to worry about and typically you do not want to spend a lot of money on. A Gator Tough Ranch Stuff saddle rack is not the cheapest rack saddle you will ever buy but it will be around a long time. Our saddle racks are manufactured from Allied Tube heavy wall galvanized tubing and all welds are painted with an anti-rust spray paint. This makes it easy to touch up your saddle rack.  Gator Tough saddle racks are strong and portable so you can have many , many years of worry free service on the road at a show or at home in your tack room or barn. Our saddle racks also come with blanket bars, can be ordered with blanket bars, or we can design a blanket rack for your particular use. We do all kinds of custom saddle racks, horse equipment, and ranch equipment.


We also manufacture gates and round pens. A farm gate should last a long time as they take a lot of abuse. Most gates offered at farm stores do not hold up under heavy use as they are made as light and inexpensive as possible. Gator Tough Ranch Stuff gates are designed and manufactured to hold up under the most serious horse equipment and ranch equipment use. Heavy wall or 16 gauge galvanized steel tube is standard along with full tube supports and continuous welds. Our round pens have more standard features then most premium round pen manufactures and our round pen is designed for the horse, rider, and trainer safety that you expect in a premium round pens manufacture!


One of the best kept horse equipment secrets is that Gator Tough Ranch Stuff manufactures round bale feeders, horse round bale feeders, and hay spears and hay forks. If you are looking to complete your hay feeder program then you need to look at the quality we have designed into our round bale feeder, and the safety, simply the best ranch equipment you can buy.. You can hook up our hay spear to the front of your universal quick attach loader and bring your round bales out of the field and put them in your pasture to feed them with our horse round bale feeder to your horses or horned cattle. You can expect the same many, many years of service from our hay spear and round bale feeder as the rest of the horse equipment and ranch equipment that Gator Tough Ranch Stuff manufactures.

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